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Hillcrest Volunteer Fire Company
7125 Ellicott Rd

Orchard Park, NY 14127

Phone: 716 662-3950

JOIN US! Complete the Application and bring to the Fire House at 7125 Elliott Road or E Mail a copy to shockemx3@aol.com or Snail Mail to PO Box 481, Orchard Park, NY 14127
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Fire Fighter -EMT Matthew Gill receives Wyoming Erie Emergency Medical Services Council Basic Life Support Provider of the Year Award for 2018

In 1017 Firefighter EMT Gill effected a rescue of a young child that received an injury to his leg anf foot from a fireworks misshap.  FF Gill, first on scene, by Kyak,treated the yong man and then transported him back to a waiting ambulance by Kyak.  The boy was transported to hospital teatyed and released.  Chief John Torre submitted the Award nonimation and it was selected bt the local council to represent the Wyoming Erie Region at the State Council Awards program this October in Syracuse.

CME Recert - ALS and BLS                    Scheduled for OCTOBER 2018

Watch for the dates to be announced for the Orchard Park District EMS CME Weekend - currently planned for October    The Specific dates are being worked on.  This year in addition to the BLS Core program an ALS Core progrm will be given- stay tuned for dates.

Chestnut Ridge - Eternal Flame Rescue Season Begins

Hillcrest Fire are routinely requested to rescue hikers down in the Eternal Flame at Chestnut Ridge Park.  With a little break in the weather, hikers entered the Eternal Flame to shake off the cabin fever building over the winter. The early hikers along with challanging paths put Hillcrest into action to bring up a hiker with a significant leg injury. Here Firefighters are putting away a "gator" equipted with tracks that was used in gaining access and transport of our patient.  Our patient was transported to the hospital and all our equipment put back in a state of readyness for the next time we can assist.  Hillcrest is specialy equipted to perform this rescue but it can olny be done effectively with the assistance of South Wales, Orchard Park EMS

Chestnut Ridge Tower fire training for Orchard Park District Members

Never too hot to train!  Orchard Park District members were treated to multiple evolutions atthe training tower.  NYS and Erie County Fire Instructors took the district members through the paces. Prior to starting any fire, the instructors used "smoke" to simulate heavy fire/ smoke conditions and allowed the Districts Explorers an opportinity to exprience heavy smoke conditions while advancing hoses.  29 Orchard Park District members trained for 3 hours.

Concept to Reality - Hillcrest Fire Hall Expansion ready to go !

In 2007 the members of the Hillcrest Fire Hall went to the Board of Fire Commissioner and requested an expansion of the current fire hall located at 7125 Ellicott Road.  The need of the expansion was based on an older building requiring maintenance and the lack of room.  The current fire hall is not designed to hold the equipment required for current day fire fighting and EMS response.  Plans were drawn, however the building never happened.  In the past 6 months it was once again apparent that the hall is too small and required a considerable amount of maintenance and the fire company once again attempted to revive the plans.  Consideration of replacing the current hall with a new hall was cost prohibitive and the company worked with the Commissioners to modify the original plans of expansion and have come to an agreement.  

One of the biggest concerns of the district is to assure there will be no compromise in the response of the fire company to emergencies and working with the contractors there should be no delay in responding to calls.  Look for the first shovel to be placed in the next three weeks! The total to complete the renovation should be 7 months. 

Hillcrest Fire Company THANKS YOU for another successful Chicken Barbeque 

1300 Chicken halves were sold in the 6 hours of the BBQ.  With the wonderful weather the flow of cars were steady with an increase in take out.  We appreciate the patients of all the customers as we did the best in getting them in and out.

As always the company hopes for the best chicken dinners possible as we have tried a number of providers- this year we were no dissapointed by Chiavettas Chicken BBQ.

Special thanks go to all the members of the fire company who donate their time, the Hillcrest Ladies Auxilary and our Explorers and Scouts.


The coleslaw recipe is guarded even more than the Bushes Baked Beans recipe!

Hillcrest Fire Company  Sponsors 7 Members in New York State Certified EMT Class

John Benevento

Karl Blombeck

Matthew Gill

Brianne Meyer

Jarrid Pitcher

John McEvoy (recertification)

The EMT Class is 166 hours long held twice a week for four hours.  The Firefighters learn life saving methods used in their capacity of firefighters daily. The course is follow by two NYS State tests- one for their skills and one for their knowledge of pre hospital care. 

Members of the New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier teach EMT students about larengectomies with practical experience

Hillcrest Fire Company and the students appreciate the committment of Carl DePalmer, President, Charlie Roszak, Jim Kocot, Joseph Corbi of teh New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier.  They shared their story and provided critical information for the students in how to treat victims with laryngectomies.  This personal, hands on experience cannot be duplicated by any book or video. Learn more about the New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier through their web site.

Check out the New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier

Wilderness Rescue Training Graduates

Hillcrest Fire Company recognizes our Wilderness Search and RescueTraining Graduates at last General Meeting:

from left to right

Asst. Chief Al Marino,  John Benevento, Karl Blombeck, Jared Pitcher, Captian Chris Chaffee, Jason Stuhr, Roland Pigeon, Brianna Meyer - not pictured -  William O'Connell, Jay Meyer, Jon Westendorf and Dennis Popielinski

Hillcrest Fire out going door to door meeting the community and stirring interest with the youth of Orchard Park in fire fighting on Breezewood 

Chief Al Marino attends training at the NYS Fire Training Academy

Al attended the third annual technical rescue conference at the New York State fire training academy . The  conference had topics such as Advanced Rope Rescue , Advanced Vehicle Rescue with Ron Moore of Fire House Magazine  and structural collapse rescue with John O'Connor retired rescue three FDNY . 

What Do Hillcrest Fire Fighters Do When The Weather Gets Nice? They adopt a Highway! Watch for us on Ellicott Road from Chestnut Ridge Road to Cole Road

Peter Slotman, Connie Matthews , Phil Wick,       Nicky Matthews, Katie Matthews and Gabriella Ernie Matthews 

The Matthews Sisters - Katie and Nicky, with Gabriella in tow. No one gets out of the detail

Nicky trying on the garbage bag

Hillcrest Fire Hosts a                                  NYS DEC Wilderness Search Course

Hillcrest Fire along with the NYSDEC, Area Fire Companies, NFSAR, and local law enforcement, with the support of the Erie County Emergency Services Division, completed the NYS DEC Basic Winderness Search program.  This all day program prepares the rescuer to search out, find and bring home individuals that may have lost their way. This is an extremely important skill the firefighters need especially in Western New York.

Hillcrest Active and Exempt Fire Organizations announce                           2015 Scholarship Award Winners

$1000.    Matthew Gill

$750.      Jenna Wolf

$500.       Haley Wagonblott

$250.       Stephanie Pickard

$150.       Alyssa Buranich, Tanner Kendall,  Elizabeth Preisigke

Congratulations to all the awards winners from the membership,  Good luck in your careers!


June 21st. Noon to 6pm. Hillcrest chicken BBQ at 7125 Ellicott Road. Hillcrest Fire Hall. Drive through or eat in.

March 14   Wilderness Search Course 0900 

February 18  Rapid Intervention Team Training 1000  Orchard Parck Central School Street

February 16  Ice Water Rescue Drill 1845 Birdsong

February 14  Ice Water Rescue Drill 0900 Birdsong

Hillcrest Fire Company Installs new officers at Ilio Dipalos on January 31st

Fire Line Officers being installed
Executive Officers being installed


November Storm

Rest time between calls
Walking 2000 foot driveways in 5 foot of snow to reach patients

Dinner for Cystic Fibrosis

Hillcrest Volunteer Fire Company annually supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by raffeling off an Official Fire House Dinner.  Watch for your opportunity to win your own dinner for you and friends